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Country: Italy-56300
Product: Dairy
Topic: Diversity, Growth

The family that eats together stays together, but when it comes to Zanetti, it’s more a case of the family that churns together builds an internationally successful company together! Specialising in traditional Italian cheese production for over a century, the Zanetti family have fought the odds to be able to lay claim to a product of the highest quality created from traditional methods.

“We stand out with strong rules for production, quality, and traditional ways of producing and seasoning cheese, combined with industrial production, optimal food quality and food safety”.

Georgio Maretti,

Zanetti manager


Throughout the years, the company has been managed by four generations of Zanettis. It was in 1946 that the family first kicked off industrial production in the area of Mantova, Italy, and they have been going strong ever since. Today, a total of 59% of their products is sold abroad, (with the US as their main export destination). They now have 475 employees across seven sites.

Once consumers were convinced of the quality of Zanetti products, the company went from strength to strength, as demonstrated by a solid turnover of almost €380 million in 2015; the majority of which came from the US market, demonstrating the longevity of the brand not just in neighbouring countries, but also beyond the EU.

With the strength of the product rooted in tradition, the company is less focused on modifying the production process, but more on maintaining and developing infrastructure, environmental standards and general facilities. The unique management structure allows for fast decision making across all aspects of the business, making Zanetti a company that can act on its feet; one of the many reasons that they are ptimistic about the future of their business.

So how does a family business become a dominant player on the Italian cheese export market? By upholding strong family standards for quality, food safety and production methods that have been used by generations.

“With regards to innovation, this is more focused on the infrastructure, warehouses, environmental standards and general facilities. The production process itself remains traditional.”

Silvio Scaromi

Zanetti Sales manager

Zanetti Fromagi

380 mill
turnover in 2015