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Country: Greece-14392
Product: Condiments
Topic: Employment, Growth

Craving a taste of ancient times? Then look no further than Papadimittiou, who has built a successful Greek company specialized in using the Corinthian currant in its products, giving a unique taste that is drenched in history.

Founded in 1939, Papadimitriou’s roots were built exporting the Corinthian currant (known to most today as the blackcurrant), firstly to the UK and then to other markets both in and outside of the EU. As the business matured, the company branched out from exporting bulk, to ready to consume currants. This was swiftly followed by the concept of processing currants which ultimately transformed into the production of balsamic vinegar. As a result of their commitment to innovation, they were the first manufacturers in Greece that made balsamic exclusively from blackcurrant; something that Papadimitriou can proudly boast about.

Our company has 78 employees. Amongst food and drink manufacturers, we are the largest employer in our region (Messinia).

The company has gone on to become the number one balsamic vinegar in Greece, (in terms of sales), demonstrating the clear success of its product. Today Papadimitriou has almost 80 employees making the company the second largest manufacturing employer in the region of Messinia. Internationally, they have worked hard to establish a presence with several successes under their belt, including a +30 year contract with one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains.

What makes our business stand out is definitely the supreme quality of the product and also the very good balance between quality and price. The story of Corinthian currant goes all the way back to the times of Homer and was also dominant in the Roman culture. The unique taste of the black currant is ubiquitous in our products, making them truly unique. Our company is currently developing an R&D department to take our products several steps further.

Although now exporting to 34 countries, the company acknowledges that some EU markets were more difficult to infiltrate than third markets both in terms of establishing its brand and accessing EU funding for further growth. This challenge aside, Papadimitriou surpassed expectations without any additional external funding and has established itself as a pillar of tradition and sustainability for local Corinthian currant farmers that rely on the company for business.

Looking forward, Papadimitriou is focused on developing its products alongside an R&D department to support this, in addition to increasing its presence across the EU – something that the company feels optimistic about.

More information: Papadimitriou C.C.SA