Country: Estonia-513
Product: Snacks_and_Sweets
Topic: Diversity, Growth, Exports

Estonian start-up AS Balsnack was formed just one year ago with a new line of snack foods. Brimming with energy, it’s almost as if this company can’t get its new products out fast enough.

Their first offering was a range of potato chips and it remains the only company in Estonia to make this product.

Moving quickly on from its initial range, the company now boasts a large number of sweet and savoury foods, breakfast cereals and organic products. In a rather unusual twist, AS Balsnack was approached by Peep Veedla, a well-known Estonian naturalist, who suggested they produce bird food. Not one to turn down a new opportunity, AS Balsnack then created a range of seed mixtures and grease balls to provide winter feed for birds.

AS Balsnack’s target for turnover this year is €5million and with last year’s standing at €4.2million, it’s racing positively towards that goal. Their ambitious plans for the future include bringing out a range of smoothies and other frozen products, alongside growing exports; both into more countries and in greater volumes. The US and Russia are in their sights, offering new and potentially lucrative opportunities for the company. They have wide customer appeal with such a diverse range of products and are actively participating in various international trade fairs to continue increasing their exposure.


It’s not always easy to successfully start a new venture, especially in the highly competitive and demanding food and drink sector. Certainly, AS Balsnack had its own woes, struggling to get the certification for its products and agreeing on export contracts, but this company is certainly planning to get the most out of free access to the Single Market that the EU provides and all the opportunities that come with it.


More information: AS Balsnack International Holding