Country: Netherlands-5563
Product: Fruits_and_Vegetables
Topic: Employment, Diversity, Growth, Exports

Think that there are limited options for a single-product company? By sticking to the motto “dare to share”, this start-up showed that there is “mush-room” for growth and innovation in today’s market.

In the eighties we began to set up some new collaborations with other companies in the form of joint ventures. By doing this we were able to attract 3 new production sites. My motto really is “dare to share”. Up to today we are still working together with other companies that are specialized in science, logistics and innovation.

Scelta Mushrooms’ foundations go back to 1963, when a couple in the Netherlands first started cultivating and preserving mushrooms. The family worked together until the 1980s, when some joint ventures were formed in order to acquire new production sites to encompass the increasing size and success of the business.

I think that sales skills and marketing skills remain important today.

Fast-forward to 2002, Scelta Mushrooms made a bold decision to waver activities that represented 80% of its annual turnover in order to focus on innovative products with natural flavours. Adapting the business in such a way allowed the company to also address core issues like sustainability, where it has made considerable achievements, such as reducing their packaging by 70%.

Scelta Mushrooms now has 215 employees in the Netherlands and its products can be found in 67 countries around the world; something they attribute to their innovation and product development. In recent years the company faced challenges with regards to funding for both its R&D and construction of production sites; something where it hopes EU funding will focus its efforts in the coming years to allow the company a springboard to develop.


In spite of this, innovation is still at the heart of Scelta Mushrooms and it is paying off with 2016’s turnover already estimated to be up 30% from the previous year. Although 70% of this turnover comes from the European market, they have their sights set further afield too with America currently being their fastest growing market.

Innovation is a really big part of our business activities. We differentiate ourselves from the others because we really believe in the principle of “never give up”. We do not only focus on research and development but we also strongly believe in R&E: Research and Execution.


As a result of success and their “never give up” determination, the company has seen growth and expansion year on year; something they hope to continue in the future.

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