Bayernwald : abundance of scrumptious fruits

What springs to mind when you think of the Bavarian forests? For many, the answer is the abundance of scrumptious fruits that the region plays host to. This was the question that a family in the region posed at the beginning of the 20th century and the family-owned business Bayernwald was born, becoming a registered business in 1923.



Our customers trust in our expertise and experience in processing more than 35 cultivated and wild growing fruits. As we are still producing in Germany we have to keep up with the highest safety and quality standards, which makes our products much appreciated among customers. So even if it is quite time-consuming to meet all the strict controls of responsible authorities or customers, it is still seen as an advantage for our business.



From what started out as processing local fruits into preserves, the company today has advanced to two production lines that cover goods for the food industry and for consumers. From raw juices and purees that can be processed, to jams and Glühwein, Bayernwald works with over 35 different fruits making the brand not only diverse, but a key player in the field upholding the highest quality standards. Today, some of the popular fruits they process include strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, elderberries and peaches. Furthermore, wild fruits and tropical fruits are an important part of their vast product range.



Company Bayernwald is still a family-owned business. We succeeded not only in tightening our market position, but also in developing it further due to steady innovation and constant progress in various business areas. In the last years - since the eighties - the company has had to reinvent and open new markets.





Although there are undeniable competitive challenges from neighbouring countries in the fruit business, Bayernwald still maintains its mark operating worldwide with an export share of approximately 70%, and has a steady yearly turnover coming from both the EU and other markets; an area where the company feels the EU has contributed to making exporting easier in terms of customs and authorisations.



So what separates Bayernwald from the rest? In addition to +90 years’ experience producing semi-finished goods for the food industry, it’s their drive for quality and stringent abiding of the highest safety standards that is the recipe for their success.


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