Glenisk : naturally from Ireland

We have 53 employees.. We’ve been steadily growing for the last 30 years, but have doubled our work force over the last four to five years. This was during the recession when a lot of companies were shutting down or getting smaller.


For any company to be successful, you need to have a strong foothold domestically. Exporting food products is very difficult. We were in no position to go to other markets until we’d grown our share in the one right here. When we started off we were one of maybe 10 different companies in this category in Ireland. Now we’re the largest producer of dairy products in Ireland.


I think for most SMEs on a day-to-day basis you may not think Europe plays much of a role in your business, but it does! Whether that’s because you’re part of a trading block that has partners or because it means you have some security in your supply chain. It’s key.


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